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BOOMERANG! A Corporate Social Responsibility Program giving back to The Hospitality Industry

The Above and Beyond Foundation offers a turnkey Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that recognizes and rewards outstanding hospitality industry individual(s) working on your actual meeting or incentive program in progress. From the motor coach driver that transfers the guests safely from the airport, to the doorman who greets them, servers, housekeepers, tour guides, AV techs and everyone behind the scenes; are all included.  With the attendees input, one (or more) outstanding individual(s) will be awarded a life-changing $10,000 cash grant from The Above and Beyond Foundation, in the name of the host company, on-site, during your company’s meeting or incentive program.

The process is simple, time sensitive and effective, informing both workers and attendees about the program details in advance. The attendees will be part of the initiative by “keeping a look out” for outstanding individuals they encounter throughout the program.  If the host company is including an APP for their program, a module can be built that will allow attendees to nominate via the APP. Alternatively, a simple ticket exchange tally program is also viable.  Back-of-the-house employees will also be included in the process by having the nominated front-of-the-house employees select a different back-of-the-house team member each time they get a nomination.   The entire process runs the duration of the meeting and will culminate with an awards ceremony celebrating the winner(s) at an appropriate time during your meeting schedule.

What BOOMERANG! achieves:

  • Elevates service level during the meeting/incentive

  • Betters the lives of hard working individuals

  • Interactive, creating a sense of community and camaraderie throughout the meeting

  • Instills a sense of pride and accomplishment for workers throughout the process

  • Time effective - does not require a time slot on the meeting/incentive agenda

  • Easy turn-key implementation

  • Cost effective and transparent – tax deductible company donation goes directly to winners

  • Immediate gratification for both attendee and recipient(s)

 Program costs for a turnkey event run by meeting planning professionals:

A $15,000 tax deductible donation awards one $10,000 grant and includes:  

  • $10,000 winner’s check rounded up to include taxes (Est. $12,500)

  • Engraved crystal pineapple award with your company name, date and winners name

  • “Big check” to present to winner

  • Implementation and on-site management by The Above and Beyond Foundation

  • Awards ceremony show flow

  • Social Media/PR representation

  • All Admin costs: tax filings, releases, shipping


Travel, housing, and expenses for The Above and Beyond Foundation staff, Technology costs for APP or other implementation tool, AV costs at awards ceremony.

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